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Re: A Ueshiba launch

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Hi Gary ........The guy kidnaps students and makes them take us to late night drinking dens, impresses local greco-roman wrestlers so much that they storm my dojo looking for me to be as good as him (ha ha)..charms my wife and daughter so they say "why can't you be more like Dan", ...basically gives a seminar thats in a different class and shows me I'm light years behind....hell ...thats great advice Gary....seriously....Why would I want him back? .mind you - he snores like a buzzsaw when he's had a long flight....but don't tell him I said so.

Seriously - wise words of course...I'm just being greedy and if theres something in Canada that gave me a chance to visit old friends AND get some time in with Dan...well - you know it makes sense

Anyway - apologies for thread derail...
Dan has been to our house 3 times and my wife likes him.....well I like him to..... and I have experienced all to the things you talked to and still like him.....well so much for that...hahaha
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