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Re: Saluting Salubrity

i liked this piece, Ross--thanks.
It covers an area of thought that i am very much interested in, as an aikidoka and a student of speech/communication (eg rhetoric, conflict resolution, etc).
In continuing the comparison of war and peace, i bring up one difference betwen the two, that seems significant to me:
war necessarily assumes a set of 'tools,' and they are usually physical--namely weapons. if we trace war through the ages, we also trace a continuing evolution and proliferation of tools for waging war. Again, these are physical things, and a person needs only acquire the most rudimentary blunt object to express the violence that is characteristic of war. Of course, as war evolves (i use that term cautiously because i think war is more degenerative than anything ) so does a certain craft and a certain strategy, etc, but fundamentally, in war power/victory is usually achieved by possessing these 'tools' or possessing ones that are better than those of the advesary.

on the other hand, 'peace' seems to always be at a loss because it requires a different set of 'tools' for realization. I cant pick up a photon-induced-happiness-gun and taze people into bliss.

My question is thus,
how can we reconcile this difference between the two, so that war stops being the easy go-to reaction in our world?

(sorry in advance, for my hastily constructed comments)
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