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Basia Halliop
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Re: Fighting a Grizzly Bear

But really, has anyone ever seen any footage of people fightinng bears? I cannot see us coming out on top no matter how good the person is! (with the obvious exception of O'sensei himself)
Not footage, just wilderness/camping education information targetted to Ontario campers and hikers... apparently if you get attacked by a black bear (I think grizzlies are more aggressive, but we don't have them here) you're supposed to fight as hard as you can, and they may decide to leave and go for easier prey rather than risk injury to themselves. I recall seeing newpaper reports or park newsletters where people managed to fend off an attacking bear with vigorous application of a canoe paddle.

So apparently if the bear is less desperate than you you may actually have a chance, maybe not of 'defeating' them exactly, but of getting them to give up and go away.

Of course usually black bears aren't actually aggressive towards humans, but they do occasionally attack and kill people.
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