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Re: Shane, come back

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I frankly find myself becoming more reluctant to discuss these "hot" topics in open forums. I find that the more that I am discovering, the more I realize how little I have begun to grasp and how my understandings have been transforming over these ensuing years. I have no problem having personal discussions with people and enjoy the give and take of trying things out with others on the path towards similar discoveries.
Well, this was one of my thoughts..... it's odd that as people have begun to get hold of some of the ki/kokyu skills they've gone quieter (I'm speaking generally; not about you in particular). Sure, some of it has to do with realizing that there's more there than one thinks initially. Another factor that hits people (been there) is that "whoa.... this stuff is easy to extrapolate; it's potentially very potent and I ain't giving this away to my competition!". Exactly what happens and essentially it becomes a variation of the normal power-play when that happens. It becomes fairly obvious from the potential power that whoever (I mean that in the plural) gains the upper hand in these skills winds up being King For A Day (mild joke, folks). So that affects how much and how willing people are to discuss things.

Knowing all that, I keep encouraging people to get it out there and discuss basics openly so the King syndrome doesn't get too much of a foothold. I think it's more important that these skills filter into typical Aikido dojos as *baseline* skills, not the default purview of a few. If someone is really good, no sweat... their skills should be enough to keep them above the masses. So I'm encouraging the Aikido people to speak out more about the baseline level. If nothing else let me offer the idea that I seriously doubt that anything will be discussed for the next few years on this forum that's not already archived somewhere on the web already, for anyone who wants to look.

My supporting point would be that in my experience one of the strong contributing factors to improvement is the thinking processes started by open discussions. What more can I say?
I would personally become involved in an effort to get an event planned (akin to the Aiki Expo) where many of the people whose names are being discussed and some who few who are well known within their communities to get together for several days of workshops and training.
I wouldn't do it. IMO the "show and tell" stuff is just too short and too shallow to take the time. Each to his own, though.


Mike Sigman
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