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Marc Abrams
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Re: Shane, come back

I think that there are very distinct issues that have unfortunately overlapped here.

1) Outside influences: I can find very few reasonable people who do not find a benefit from exploring, comparing, experimenting with, ..... other ar3eas and aspects in the martial arts world. With Aikido, the "internal arts" exploration has been very fruitful for many people (myself included). Stanley Pranin's efforts to provide us the Aiki Expos was an effort that many regard as being critical to the healthy development of Aikido in the United States.

2) The Manner in which some people has chosen to discuss various issues: Anybody who attended the Aiki Expos found that people from a variety of backgrounds and arts found a way to have a CIVIL dialogue that bridged gaps that existed solely for political reasons. The end result was of benefit for everybody in attendance.

Some people have found a way to discuss "controversial" issues in a manner that simply creates ill-will. This is Jun's "house!" He has made it perfectly clear to all of us that he expects people to be civil in his "house." I have crossed that line myself and had to be appropriately "scolded" to behave. Jun is entirely correct in enforcing the rules that he wants to exist in this forum.

People need to rethink how they are trying to discuss information. We can agree to disagree and still be civil. Those people who cannot find a way to alter how they choose to discuss information are simply hurting themselves and others who might benefit from the experience, ideas, suggestions, training, .... that they can offer, that have become buried under the weight of holier-than-thou criticisms and sermons from the mount.

Marc Abrams
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