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Re: More Spiritual than Martial

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I don't see it as a goal at all. My goal is to win and defeat.
Today, while the classical martial arts are being made available to the public and their techniques preserved, it is my opinion that the spiritual component - which should form the base of those techniques and give direction to practitioners - is missing.

I strongly hope that the spiritual component of the classical martial arts can make some positive contribution to our modern materialistic world.
Iizasa Shurinosuke Yasusada
12th Generation TSKSR Headmaster (as translated in the forward to "Katori Shinto Ryu, Warrior Tradition (2007)


If one were to remove the core element of bushido - the martial virtue of humility - from kobudo, all that would remain would be mere violence. Martial arts imbued with moral or humane sentiments are the only true budo.
Otake Ritsuke (p. 41, same source)

/just sayin'...

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