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Re: Which Aikido Are You Doing?

Your statement reminded me of when I was a freshman in high school. The wrestling team had no 'heavyweight' at the time. The coach talked me into wrestling at that 'weight.' I decided I would try it as I really enjoyed wrestling. I only won one match that entire year. Interestingly, after the first few beatings, my ego got out of the way and I became a good student of the art. It became more about learning than it did winning or losing. My wrestling skills advanced rather rapidly after that. I always picked more advanced wrestlers to train with at practice as I felt I could learn so much more from them.
I always tell people I had to come home and practice and learn to use aiki in a judo dojo with a bunch friends, students and my wifes wrestling cousins. All of whom's advice to me at the time was "Dan, no offence man, but that fruitcake stuff isn't going to work.'
On any other day rolling and banging-not a problem. Aiki?-fail, fail, fail.
So, how'd I learn to train my body and use aiki? From the flat of my back.
Interestingly enough I still have a grappler training with me from back then-his name's Andy. The guy's from aikiweb who come to train here like him- all 290lbs of him. His opinion of this stuff...changed.
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