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Re: More Spiritual than Martial

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Actually most budo that I'm familiar with specifically would either say this is THE goal or a very important aspect of training.
I don't see it as a goal at all. My goal is to win and defeat. To stop agression and make-safe. Mercy belongs in the hands of the victor sort of thing.

The production of good citizens etc, can be a side benefit, but there are just as many jerks in budo as anywhere else. And in the do arts, the non-tested arts- tend to attract passive agressive and abusive behaviour. Aikidoka seem to want to continually point that out all the time.

The reason I love Grapplers so much is that once you have learned through trial and error and constant failure, victory and falure don't mean sooo much that your personality is affected much by it either way.It's just another day at the office
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