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Re: Which Aikido Are You Doing?

What Chris said

I did want to add one thing.
I have never....NEVER...stopped improving. My training with people who've been here for years has been credited with a series of power and sensitivity *jumps* in the early nineties, late nineties, 2002, 2005, and this very year. All that *they* define and tell me about. Why? I keep experimenting, researching, throwing away, and building on, year after year. My people have power -after three years or so- that is substantial, but I stay ahead of them, even though I continue to show them what I am doing.
So forgetting waza, the creative budoka can continure to grow in power twenty, thirty, forty years later. Mant of the besr aiki men have all said in later years "I am more powerful now than I have ever been."
sadly, most folks have not understand "what" they were saying, and "how" to get there.
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