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Re: Regarding James Smith

Sorry Ian, but like it or not, if you CHOOSE to put your dojo name out there, you have CHOSEN to be a representative of the dojo. That carries with it an inherent obligation to be respectful and respectable, whether or not you have signed a contract to that effect. I don't think his instructor sought to infringe upon his right to use an online forum, but expected him to conduct himself in a mature civilized manner while doing so, since his attitude and actions could reflect poorly on his dojo. Tell anybody who you are if you wish, but it is unfair to connect your dojo and your teachers to your misguided deeds in a public forum. Were you in his teacher's place, I can't see how you could feel differently. I guarantee you that if he tried that crap in a Japanese dojo, he would be unceremoniously tossed out the front door on his chin.
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