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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Regarding James Smith

Clark Bateman wrote:
IMHO, when a person acts like a spoiled, insensitive brat in a public forum, I think he deserves swift come-uppance from whatever authority figures hold reign. Not very aiki of me, I know, but I earmark my patience and understanding for the deserving. He was not on here to make a contribution. He was on here looking for attention, and made an increasing nuisance of himself, trying to get a rise out of anyone and everyone, until finally he had to play the ultimate hate card to get the level of attention he craves. He needs help, but help cannot be forced upon him. He has to seek it out willingly. Perhaps, now that he realizes that stupid things in cyberspace can have consequences in realtime, he will seek out that help, or at least desist from future indiscretions of this nature. And don't be too hard on his organization, because they DID give him the opportunity to mend his ways before he was banished, and he made his choice. Just one man's opinion.
I agree completely with Clark. Practicing a martial art in someones dojo isn't a right, it's a privilege. I know that in many serious groups, like the previous Federation I belonged to, you aren't allowed to post like that because you represent your dojo with everything you say and do with regards to the art. If you want a private life and private rights, you may have to do it in someone else's dojo. His Sensei did the right thing. All this means is that in the world that James lives in, staying in his dojo isn't worth the price of a sincere apology. If character counts at all, then I would say he wasn't a good candidate for martial arts. Respecting your Sensei and giving an apology is a small price to pay in exchange for learning a martial art. People who don't take their words seriously and who use these forums in a irreverent and disrespectful way degrade the forum and take it down to a level that quality people who have something meaningful to contribute won't want to be here. I think this action speaks well of the Jiyushinkai.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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