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Re: What is "IT"?

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
No offense Erick, ....
I've talked to someone who has met you, and this person reported that you had no internal skills to speak of*. You won't put up a video because you know that you know nothing. The fact that you can unload all this scientific verbiage on us ....
Oh, that is rich. My comment reasonably criticizing using nameless shihans in nameless videos to defame countless persons, is rebutted by a nameless secret vetter showing I do not know -- what, specifically and exactly? What did we train ? What made it the be-all app-killer test? Should I put on shows every day, twice on Sunday to make sure I don't fail to impress my secret admirers? Name names, man. There is no privilege here.

If you will re-read this thread, my "verbiage" was brought in, not by me, but by those who objected to my comment about lack of specific criticism on shihans and videos. Instead of offering the specific illustrations requested it was demanded that I provide bona fides before I would be entitled to complain about it. Then we did not move on to some specifics showing those criticisms of videos or specific persons in specific settings but moved deeper into a similar broadside counterattack against non-specific things I "seem" to say that no one "seems" to be bothered to even think through or address -- you know ... specifically?

That approach to the discussion reveals more than I care to say. It is not that I care about the attacks, it is that I understand precisely why they occur, and wish to call attention to it. Several of you, plainly, do not realize the pattern you are repeating -- since as a group you all (aren't broadsides just too easy ?) respond in a remarkably consistent, predictable, and dare I say, reflexive, rather than reflective manner. If you think such patterns make effective budo -- then God bless you. You'll need it.

No, instead of answering the very basic concern about making a criticism of classes of people specific (and therefore rebuttable), David decided that I "seem" to not say what these guys say, because I don't talk like them -- that is -- I choose not to imitate the group. (As an aside, do we have a name for generic, stereotyped class-based attacks on other people who do not imitate a group, in order to control what people in the group do or say ...? Scapegoating, is it? )

I am, quite clearly, and quite specifically trying to describe things in different and more concrete terms. You all know this. It is not news, and therefore it is hardly even an ad hominem rejoinder to a request for specifics when criticizing others.

No one, notably, responded to Russ -- who actually put some specific video up for comment (Thanks, Russ) --That was all I asked about.

Now, ... would anyone care to take apart one or more of the videos Russ kindly offered to specifically document the otherwise useless general broadsides...? Like I asked. I find them very interesting, and well-chosen. Nicely edited, too.


Erick Mead
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