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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Aiki is not someone ducking and a kick missing the mark and the kicker falling down. That's timing and it happens at TKD schools with fifteen years olds. Good luck with that.
Well, Dan, what's it called when O Sensei does the "aiki drop" as we used to call it--dropping into a bowing position in front of the attacker and causing him to fly over?

That kind of movement is really different from the attacker's movement, which I call kiai movement. The aikido movement is designed to match and adhere to the ura of the kiai movement.

Of course, this is the classic "blending-through-movement" but there is something to the argument that that kind of response has pulled many a side of bacon from the flames. And you see both OSensei and Shioda doing a good bit of it.

So do you just classify that kind of movement as an element of ju-jutsu--not even the omote of aiki, but unrelated to aiki?

It seems that that kind of movement must be related to aiki because of the backward design of it, completely contrary to what a fighter would expect...but not unlike what a child might do.

I want to deepen my understanding of aiki, but it seems there has to be a relation between head bobs (Mas Oyama trained in DRAJ with Yoshida Kotaro, you know), aiki drops and general tenkan. Otherwise, why is it so backward from normal fighting?

This is something I haven't figured out and I'm really asking for perspectives on it.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I really dont know which is worse; not knowing about it at all, or being presented a path that you thought was correct but turned into a dead end. I think we have seen that too many times before.
I think never knowing would be worse. As long as you live you can start again. But how can we determine which path is correct from the beginning? It seems like you just have to keep investigating, experimenting and going for the deeper insights.

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Off to peel Squash
Peeling squash?

How do you use those?

Best to you.


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