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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

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I appreciate that Aiki would work with wrestlers and MMA guys and that they probably use it if they know how.
I also appreciate the quiet internal strength that comes from Aikido. The focus may be different but I bet the results might be the same.
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I'm sorry what was there another type of squash?
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No, I do not believe that wrestlers and MMA guys use aiki. Moving out of the way is not aiki. It's low level martial arts skills and timing. Evasion is not it.
And the connection that I was talking about is not aiki either.

Quiet internal strength does not come from aikido. That's why so few in aikido have it and Shihan keep going outside to find it. I have seen very few in the art who have developed it, and none so far who have developed it to what I would consider a high level. Also, I have yet to personally feel anyone who had something past basic connection....and they...all agree with that. It will be interesting to see if that changes. If it does I will be the first to state it here. Honestly, I would be thrilled!!

Quiet? I have no idea what that means.
Internal Strength has nothing to do with gentle or aggressive, that's a choice of use.
It is trained quietly before it is used at speed, but in use can and should be fast and powerful even explosive to neutralize force. There is a reason Ueshiba said his atemi can kill and that atemi is vital to the art.
The consistency of his argument should therefore be; solo training for Aiki (union of opposites) in the body, then in/yo in movement,....that makes connection inside you...then connection between the two.
Aiki in me...before Aiki between thee and me.
Happy thanksgiving as well

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