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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

You beat me to it.I was going to bring up wrestlers. Most people have never had contact with good, soft, intelligent, wrestling.
People confuse connection, and intelligent non-localized flexation with internal's not! There ways to learn connection, and some overlap. So soft muscular, whole body, movement can mimic internal power. For many connection will be enough for their entire career. I have met shihan who had that connection. I kiddingly call it "the Shihan feel." But make no mistake, it is not the same thing.

The Daoist knew that it takes an intelligent and disciplined mind to learn internal strength. One of my teachers said you teach jujutsu first and see what type of people they are before you decide to teach them aiki. On the other hand I asked him once about teaching, and he said "Never teach young people, there minds aren't developed enough yet to to learn this. Have them do jujutsu."

Training intent, training contradictory force-a key componant that has nothing to do with soft wrestling or external timing, internal cancellation of forces, power generation, and the use of contradictory as active force and maintaining it, of course trained connection, but then training a sophisticated usage to have a continuous flow that creates aiki on contact is never going to be found in the fighting arts...unless you train this stuff first. An unfortunate side effect of this new public exposure is people who really do not know the difference and really do not know what they are talking about will confuse the two and only serve to create a new false perception.

Aiki is not someone ducking and a kick missing the mark and the kicker falling down. That's timing and it happens at TKD schools with fifteen years olds. Good luck with that.
I really dont know which is worse; not knowing about it at all, or being presented a path that you thought was correct but turned into a dead end. I think we have seen that too many times before.
For my part I have been training with wrestlers since I was a kid and have cousins who are Collegiate Greco Roman wrestling champs. Learning IP/aiki and learning to use it in free style MMA and traditional and modern weapons has been a life long pursuit of mine. Current misguided perceptions not withstanding, I don't expect the internet to co-opt the results of forty years of research anytime soon.
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