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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

and so we observe the floating bridge manifested in a thread ... starting from a singularity of pure potential (in this case, the potential of humans to create ideas and make associations). an idea forms ... yang and yin inevitably appear - the yang of affirmation, advancing the original idea, the yin of negation, in terms of countering ideas. yang and yin in concert as they always are - asmutually opposing activities. there will always be a point of maximum activity and the cycle predicts that we will inevitably come to a point where the thread ceases - yang and yin will disappear. and what is left? a singularity of pure potential (the floating bridge) ... in this case, the mind's ability to create ideas and make associations, waiting for the idea that spawns the next thread ... marvelous!

Jim Redel BHC Aikido
"The universe, aikido, the mind - both hands clapping!"
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