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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

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Individual anecdotes don't invalidate a generalization. Not saying it's the case with OP, but perhaps it's worth looking at.
I am not a fan of generalization. Often times I find they come from a place of assumption instead of actual experience. I'm not here to invalidate the generalization, I'd rather erase it all together.

A female student who is a serious student of martial arts I think would more typically not fit into this generalization. You sort of walk in knowing that it will take physical and mental demands.

LOL I already have a hard enough time getting newbie male students to grab or attack me let alone give an honest atemi to me,(A 5'2" girl) let alone have to deal with women who also have the predisposition that girls are more "fragile" physically and mentally.

There is only one adult-female student in my school, me! (there is a female Sensei however.) so when the newbie male students refuse to give honest attack and choose to "baby" their movements for me, I feel inclined to demonstrate that I in fact did earn my rank. It isn't always easy convincing young strong males that they have to respect a 5'2" female on the mat.(for some reason they tend to think that babying women IS respecting them. They don't seem to understand that in this context it is in fact insulting.)

So with this obstacle, I tend to be highly critical when females go along with the idea that female students need to be taught or treated more sensitive. I don't want to be treated "sensitive-like" or have a different "teaching style" adapted for me, the opposite in fact. I don't want special treatment from the teachers or students because I'm more "fragile" mentally or physically.I know I am expected to keep up with par, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My opinion, martial arts is a physically demanding thing, thus it is inclined to be a boys club, so as a woman you need to suck it up and train if you want to join that club.

I sympathize with the OP in trying to retain female students. Sometimes martial arts are boys clubs, and that is never (in most cases) the Sensei's intention for his school.

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