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Re: YouTube: Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Sure, Kisshomaru did a lot to spread the art, but Moriteru didn't, neither did Mitsuteru. I'm not a big fan of inherited privilige, they'll have to win their own way on their own, as far as I'm concerned. And even if Kisshomaru were still around it doesn't follow that his efforts ought to make him impervious to criticism of the consequences of his actions, many of which were good - but many of which were not so good.

There are quite a few martial arts that are easier for folks who are 60 and busted up when they start, so I'm not sure that I follow you here. Injury rates in Aikido are actually somewhat higher than average for martial arts in all of the studies that I've seen.


I liked the article. I think the current Doshu's "live and let live" philosophy is the right way to lead an organization with such diversity. Rather than focus on something specific, he represents a generic baseline and encourages everyone to find their own balance. That spirit of harmony and mutual respect is exactly what makes aikido exemplary, even if not everyone agrees or admires what everybody else is doing. The Honolulu police training group may not agree with the Hombu approach, but at least Doshu isn't going after them and telling them that what they are doing isn't aikido.

Chris, are you advocating for an aikido organization that is more focussed on martial effectiveness and not as interested in the less tangible benefits that Doshu is trying to promote?

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