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Re: Training Alone

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
It's not what exercises you do, it's how you do them. Otherwise all dojos practicing the aiki taiso (or similar) would have internal skills. But if you do a search on 'aunkai' on youtube, you'll find some exercises. And some more information and two dvds on I don't know of any videos of Dan Harden's of Mike Sigman's practice routines.
Fully understand that ...and have been on the aunkai website for a butchers.

I'll take another look when I'm not at work but I don't recollect seeing anything there that I thought "hey I'll start doing that".

Dan has posted regularly - and a lot of others have endorsed his stuff. (and Mikes too...)

I really want a look to see if theres something there that i can steal.
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