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Re: Training Alone

You never train alone. You will always have yourself to train with, the one you should choose to train with as often as you can. You will never find a better, or more important training partner than yourself.

Using a mirror is crucial. A mirror never lies. A mirror gives you the instant feedback you need to correct your movements, your posture and your zanshin.

Using a mirror in my training is both a favorite training method, as well as a crucial one in my training. There are no distractions, and I can take all the time I want to work on my weak points (too many to count).

Whether using weapons, or simply tai sabaki (body movements) exercises like tai no henko, or eight directions foot movements, seeing yourself in a mirror can be both enlightening and impact laden.

Full range of motion isometric and isotonic recreation of aikido movements can also be enligthtening and beneficial.

Finally, take ownership of your training, trust the Aiki within you, and allow yourself the joy of self discovery and growth.

In Oneness
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