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Re: Koshi Nage - Distance Between Nage's Feet

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In my 'aikido life', I have been privileged to have been taught koshinage by at least six of O Sensei's direct deshi (M Saito, S Yamaguchi, H Tada, K Chiba, M Kanai, M Kitahira). So I think I am in a position to make some comparisons. Of these deshi, all except one placed their feet fairly close together, either in shizentai ('natural posture', with feet place about one foot apart) or in a T form (kusunoki: the base / stem of the T focused on uke--my own hips were never flexible enough to use the T form: I am aware that kusunoki also denotes the general position of tori's hips, in relation to uke's, but I think this is less important here). The exception was Morihito Saito, who always kept his feet apart--and always did koshi-nage successfully. So it might be that the position of the feet do not really matter: there are other factors that are far more crucial to successful koshi-waza.
Seeing the same technique done in different ways by people you respect, how do you resolve the differences? How do you explain it to yourself, not from historical point of view, but from "which way should I do it" point of view. I guess my question boils down to "how do you choose what to teach your students"?
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