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Bruce Baker
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Aikido's Pressure Points

The return of Pain/Pressure Points on the body.

By the very sound of the words, Pressure on a Point of the human body that creates pain, the simplicity of the words should not be the point of contention, what is though is the effect and ability to apply these pain techniques with a high rate of efficiency?

Not unlike the beginner of Aikido who must be corrected constantly to work within the known effectiveness of techniques, we have those who have "tried" to use points of pain beyond their Aikido lessons and failed.

The point of this intellectual exercise was to increase the efficiency of Aikido by using or being aware of more variations within our aikido practice besides a push, shove, throw, or pin ... the physical aspects that open other possibilities?

So, I return to the original question, with an adendum.

Besides the pressure points in our physical manipulation of Aikido, should we teach/learn the bodys meridians for both healing and knockout purposes while observing the tenents of Aikido's harmony?

(Put into not so pretty terms, should we depend on what we teach in Aikido today as other arts find ways to neutralize basic aikido then add knockouts?)

I see some of Aikido's techniques in the Wally Jay Jujitsu I keep in my back pocket, and now with Wally Jay's son Leon teaching pressure points with jujitsu I see the guys/gals learning pressure points doing the almost exact mirror movements of Aikido people but the Aikido people going nite-nite because they don't see how to use or counter pressure points!

I really was looking for points of view or experience with using what we already have in Aikido ... and/or employing safe standards for health concerns that may be at risk from applying the same technique class after class which results in minor physical pain but middleaged organ damage?
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