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Upcoming Seminars in Ottawa, Canada

Posted 2005-09-26 15:54:03 by Nicole Lewis
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Please join us in celebrating our 25th year.

Mary Heiny, 6th Dan, one of our founding instructors, is holding a seminar at our dojo. From her Aikido biography: "For more than thirty years Mary Heiny Sensei has followed a path of physical and spiritual inspiration as a student and teacher of Aikido. Heiny Sensei brings to every class, workshop and seminar she teaches not only her years of Aikido training and teaching, but her extensive experience and study of Japanese culture, language and Shinto and Buddhist philosophies." Please note that on Saturday evening after practice there will be a Hallowe'en Costume-Potluck party!

Claude Berthiaume, 7th Dan, Shihan, Chief Instructor of Aikido de la Montagne, Montreal Quebec will be joining us November 25th - 27th for a seminar. Billeting is available.

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