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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

That's not what I meant.
You have avoided real answers to both Mark's and Josh's questions and not answered points in several of my posts.
Don't bother.

Did you actually expect an answer? He is not going to answer, he can't answer. He sidesteps direct and truly informative answers to questions of his own statements "That this or that person is wrong or partally right but there is something deeper, or missing" and yet he never offers clear and detailed amplification and answers.
It's a cat and mouse game he plays with people..
Call him on it and he states, "Well I could help but_____________insert reason of the day, then he goes on to misrepresent why others don't answer.

Stop and consider, is it possible to be so informed of such a wide ranging topic encompassing many arts and then have real ability in all of them?
Or is it just havng enough outsider information you can quote to BS your way around others who don't. The same can be said for a couple of guys I know who are extremely, well read in various JMA, but....

Again, I encourage people to.go meet the real master level guys and cross-hands with them.
Happy holidays
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