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Mike Sigman
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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

BTW, Mark, let me re-emphasize a point. If *you* (or someone else) want a discussion to progress about a topic, why not post your own understanding? As I noted before, too often I see posts from someone who wants to start a discussion or get casual information, but that sort of approach has never really inspired me to offer much. The person who is really working on something must have some input or starting impression based on their own work, so they should have something to put into the discussion. I've contributed a lot of discussions over the years (note again the humorous part that Gary Stier used one of my illustrations on RSF as part of the discussion you think is so good) that turned out to be nothing more than satisfying someone's afternoon whimsical thought and which had nothing to do with anything that they're really working on. It sort of gets tiring, after a number of years of it.


Mike Sigman
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