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Mike Sigman
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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
...not to be antagonistic; but after all this Mike, I would literally love to hear your nuts-and-bolts explanation. No kidding.
If you think back, there were some very good discussions on how-to's for basics, using drawings, detailed explanations, a few years back. That was mainly Rob John and me. And then this "greatness" began to intrude and other people, including Ueshiba, became "amateurs". The process of "The Cross" (which is very limited and comes from Southern Shaolin) began to develop into "spiralling" and a host of other things, just as I predicted things *must* go, some years back.

Back in the nineties we saw a number of systems in CMA's suddenly start "revealing things that they'd known for years" after those same topics became public on the Neijia List (which is why the neijia-type forums became so restricted, aamof). What I'm doing now is enjoying watching a deja vu scenario play out in Aikido that played out before. I'd probably still contribute more "how-to" stuff, but once the personal shots started appearing a few years back, I figured I'd let it go and watch history replay itself.

Take it all with good humor; I do. This stuff is enlightening to watch because in some ways you're seeing a part of why not only Aikido but many other arts lose these skills or have such difficulty in gaining them.

Incidentally.... it's far better for everyone to join into these conversations than to wait for someone else to explain things. I'm always willing to help someone who is making an effort. Someone who is simply waiting for people to hand him info (sometimes they *demand* it!)... not so much.


Mike Sigman
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