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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
If I, a relative newcomer to the martial arts world, and a not particularly eloquent speaker, who does not have high education in philosophies and other academics, can pick up on it then I'm sure it is not lost on others.
I think you're being humble; you speak very eloquently.

I agree the OP seems like a critique on the "IP crowd" because a big part of their message is that many people, if not most, don't know what they're missing (assuming internal training benefits are something they'd want in the first place, of course). I can see why Mark would see it as a swipe at him and others. Taking Graham at his word, I think his phrasing could have been better...and considering the nature of a LOT of conversations, it probably should have been, too.
...For what little it's worth.
Take care, all,
P.S. As an aside, because you mentioned him: I miss Mike. I do feel like I'm missing out on his views these days.

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