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Re: Counting to 10 in Japanese (Inconsistent)

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
But it gets more complicated. There are alternative pronounciations. For example, 7 can also be pronounced nana, and 4 yon.
From what I was taught, nana and yon are not really alternative pronounciations, they are numerals from the purely Japanese system (the system usually used and quoted above is the Sino-Japanese system):

1 - hito(tsu)
2 - futa(tsu)
3 - mi(ttsu)
4 - yon(n|ttsu)
5 - itsu(tsu)
6 - mu(ttsu)
7 - nana(tsu)
8 - ya(ttsu)
9 - kokono(tsu)
10 - tő

The latter is often used instead of "shi" to avoid saying a word that sounds the same as the Japanese word for death.
That's the way I learned it, too. Although it seems that mostly foreigners do that, could one of the people living in Japan comment on what they are used to hear?
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