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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Henry Sim wrote: View Post
Thanks for the clarification. My mistake. In my "defense" and in my OPINION, yin and yang, internal power, aiki, elbow non-source power, six directions etc. is Aikido supplemented by techniques, (that I think is the reason why I read somewhere that O-Sensei always did the same technique differently,) hence my mistake. At this present time, how many Aikidokas understood why O-Sensei said what he said, let alone teach the "secret" of Aikido.....(where the power comes from, how a small guy can overcome a big muscle guy). that O-Sensei was trying to emphasize. As a member of the Aikido family, I would like to see Aikido be elevated to its REAL pedestal in my life time. It can be done if only more Aikidoka would "empty their cups". Unfortunately......sad.
It was not meant as criticism. It was something that I remembered as I read your writing. On the whole I tend to agree with you. It is more interesting to see a small guy overcome a big guy then vice-versa. We do not need Aikido to figure out that a big strong man could overcome a smaller person. I am not sure what you mean with "supplemented by techniques", I would rather say that the techniques and the keiko of Aikido are a way of entering and understanding the art, but they are not the michi itself. O Sensei was not just teaching techniques or only ways to overcome some one else, but he was guiding us on that Aiki no michi.
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