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Re: Why no tsuba?

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
I held back from this thread a bit because I wanted to see how it developed (and I have a life), but I'm unwilling to pass on without raising this one moment up to the light. Let's review the state of play as of my last post, shall we?

* Graham claimed sword knowledge through a lineage going back to Tohei Sensei.

* Others disputed Tohei's sword knowledge.

* Graham justified it by saying any Japanese martial artist of his generation would have sword knowledge.

* Others disputed that claim by naming several Japanese shihan who did not show or claimed not to have good sword knowledge, including the claim that Yamada Sensei never taught sword. (#192)

* Graham responded by saying he found videos on YouTube of Yamada with a bokken (#200).

* I asked for the link.

* Graham responded with two links, neither of which shows Yamada with a bokken. (#202)

That post, and Graham's prior post, were false. Neither video shows what Graham claimed it did.

Graham, I am inclined to take exception to this.
Hugh. You should take exception because what you say above is incorrect. However I don't take exception to it but it does show you haven't quite read things properly.

1) I claimed knowledge from one teacher. Others put 2 and 2 together taking lineage of that teacher into account, not me. I specifically stated I don't know where he learned it.

2) As I said others equated with Tohei, their problem not mine. I equated shin shin toitsu as explained by the teacher, not Toheis art but sen no sen or as he said tying of minds. This I pointed out, once again I do the same.

3) Japanese of that generation in martial arts have knowledge of sword. Yet to find one that doesn't. No justification. Common sense. Maybe most Americans in the relevant states have knowledge of guns.

4) None were false, in fact I've just corrected you on those points so that means what you say is false. I prefer to say mistaken for my intention isn't to try to disgrace you.

5) The videos I found, and enjoyed, I said were of Sugano and Yamada using bokken. Since then I found the Sugano part is correct but the yamada part is incorrect and that the other was not him. This I stated, so I have already corrected that thank you.

If you read the thread properly you will find Yamada did know and use the bokken. The only thing is who emphasised it and who didn't, who used it regularly and who hardly ever. Then even more to the point, who used tsuba, who didn't and when it is used and when it isn't and opinions on the whys and wherefores.

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