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Re: Why no tsuba?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Aha, a mistake! Yes, I suppose that must be Tamura Sensei then. Y ou got me, I will live in shame the rest of my life ha, ha.
I held back from this thread a bit because I wanted to see how it developed (and I have a life), but I'm unwilling to pass on without raising this one moment up to the light. Let's review the state of play as of my last post, shall we?

* Graham claimed sword knowledge through a lineage going back to Tohei Sensei.

* Others disputed Tohei's sword knowledge.

* Graham justified it by saying any Japanese martial artist of his generation would have sword knowledge.

* Others disputed that claim by naming several Japanese shihan who did not show or claimed not to have good sword knowledge, including the claim that Yamada Sensei never taught sword. (#192)

* Graham responded by saying he found videos on YouTube of Yamada with a bokken (#200).

* I asked for the link.

* Graham responded with two links, neither of which shows Yamada with a bokken. (#202)

That post, and Graham's prior post, were false. Neither video shows what Graham claimed it did.

Graham, I am inclined to take exception to this.