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Re: First Shinza coming up...

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that's my first grading coming up in a couple of months and it appears Sensei expects me to grade too.

So, bearing in mind, I'll also be writing two written exams and complete a practical for work, I now have the added pressure of the grading. Still smiling at the moment though but getting nervous.

I was wondering if there were any anecdotes anybody would like to share to calm my nerves?

My first ever grading (shinsa) was during exam week as well. I think it went quite well, mainly because I was so stressed about everything else that I forgot to get tense about the grading. I was much more nervous about my later gradings, so I tensed up and didn't do as well.

If you would like a funny anecdote, I could tell you about the time that I fell over while attempting koshinage in a grading. I still passed though, and I'm sure you will do better than that.
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