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Re: Poll: Do you think telling someone to "relax" is helpful in aikido training?

I voted yes.... because ultimately it does help ME out in my techniqes. Sometimes that help is immediate and other times I have to really figure it out and get over what ever stress/reaction/tension that is bubbling subsurface.

I have found that sometimes it does not serve for me to tell others to relax. Sometimes the other person is not receptive, sometimes I'm misunderstanding the "pressure" other times I may be the one who needs to relax.

This touches on my most recent stumper-of-a-thinking-exercise..... We are doing paired practice. If I get a limp attack I have little force to redirect. If I give a limp attack the nage has the same problem. Often I tend to resort to muscling through the technique. But the reverse isn't always better. Overly stong or tense movements can get one or both of us hurt. I understand that the key is BALANCE... its the learning where I can achieve it that's been evading me lately
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