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Re: Poll: Do you think telling someone to "relax" is helpful in aikido training?

Rafael Ayala wrote: View Post
I voted yes, but that doesn't mean that it's enough to just say "relax" and expect a beginner to actually do it. It can help, but it's not enough. A beginner should be shown, as well as told, to relax.
Exactly. When I first started Aikido, every other blackbelt kept telling me to "relax". One had this annoying habit of stopping me mid-technique and shaking my arms until I allowed them to hang limply. *That* didn't help either, because how am I supposed to do *anything* if I'm limper than a noodle? Isn't that called "flopping"?

I *think* I've been doing better with the whole "relaxing" thing, or at least I'm becoming more aware of students who *aren't* relaxed. Maybe this is something which can be more readily seen by an *outsider* as opposed to self. During a recent seminar, one of the instructors kept telling me to "Relax!" every time she walked by me. She stopped me at one point to briefly massage my shoulders with a stern, "You need to RELAX!" I don't know if that helped or not, though one of my friends back at my home dojo said to me, "'s *not* just us telling you to relax!"

I guess this is one of those those that'll take me a while to figure out.

"The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them." - Miyamoto Musashi
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