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Originally posted by Lyle Bogin
Why is it that having a 1% shodan rate is something to be proud of? Shouldn't we try to achieve an enviroment with a much higher success rate, like any other form of education? After all, isn't the mark of a great martial artist great students? Or is aikido (and MA in general) a different animal?
I think the working turnover rate for most MA schools is something like 7%---per month, at least according to the trade rags. In other words, you turn 84% of your students each year. Kind of explains the percentage when looked at in that light.

The other thing this question made me think about is what if we eased the time requirements such that 10% of all students make it to shodan. Suppose then that the average retention time of a student doubled. In other words, after 5 years you have a nidan instead of shodan but your retention rate is such that the average student stayed around 2-years instead of 1-year or whatever the actual number is. Please note that the skill level at 5-years is still the same only the rank is different. Would that be a bad thing?
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