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Maybe (I'm sure) he was joking.

If you include all of those who train at our dojo it is 60% (I voted 55%). A lot of university students train here and it is pretty much a given that they will be Shodan at the end of their university studies. Regular members take longer and don't have the cohesion of the university club so maybe it drops down 20%. What I find more astounding is the drop once people get their Shodan - its when everything begins.

The joining fee is steep, I think people want to train for at least three months to get their money's worth and then - Bawahahahahah they are ours. We are not a cult

Originally posted by Jim ashby
Randy. Kote Gaeshi on newbies to weed them out? If our Sensei saw a full Kote Gaeshi on a newbie the tori would be up a certain creek with inadequate means of propulsion. As to "weeding out" newbies with pain... words fail me.
Have fun

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