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Re: Selfish people in the dojo

Well....pretty much agree with most of you guys above.

Teachers responsibility in a learning situation ....should be to create an environment conducive to learning.

The nature of this environment may vary from class to class, dojo to dojo , even from style to style but whatever the objective of the lesson is then the environment needs to be appropriate for all learners.

Ownership of this is with the instuctor.

Sometimes beginners do best with other beginners, sometimes hard and fast rules I feel.

In my experience mostly the dojo culture ensures that things go along nicely, certainly in mine anyway....but sometimes they don't and then this is when the instructor needs to have the balls to take appropriate steps.

Its easy to do...stop and say change partners, put students together, or occasionally remind the whole class ...but look at the let them know not to ignore beginners.

If your teacher can't manage this......I might be looking for a stronger teacher.

Of course this also depends on the quality of the teachers practice too. I might be prepared to put up with poorly planned lessons, rubbish organisation etc etc.....If I really believed that this was a teacher that could give me something no one else could, then I'd probably sacrifice a few niceties.


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