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Re: Training Every Day, or Everyday Training?

Great read. I think the notion that we "are always training" is somewhat cliche and it is nice to read new perspectives on an important subject. Visions of our masters dashing out from behind the file cabinet to strike us with shinai then quickly vaporizing are difficult to stifle.

For you Clusou fans out there:

I think it is a common thing to define and compartmentalize activities. Many people view aikido from a perspective of paired exercise requiring proper attire and venue. To satisfy this perspective is difficult outside of a dojo and some people choose to focus their attention within a dojo environment, compartmentalize that experience and move on to whatever activity ante cedes training. Ikkyo in a tie during your lunch break is not the same as ikkyo in your hakama on tatami, right?

On another level, it is also necessary to "turn off" our training on occasion. Social pressure requires us to subvert our instincts and break the very rules in which we train. Crowded subways, busy malls and other public areas often put us at conflict with our instincts. Our loved ones tell us in agonizing detail how they gave a ride home to a nice stranger [or some other heart-stopping act of kindness]. Then we let our kids go to school...

I think there is a balance here that tells us we need to inherit aiki. There is some inheritance through training, and some through living. Living is not training, but expressing training in your life. Otherwise, what would be the difference of practicing your ikkyo in your office wearing a tie?

Thanks again!

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