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Re: Avarage Aikidoka age?

In my experience -
Sunday class in the Aikido dojo draws the "experienced" crowd - I don't think any of us are under 30. At 47, I'd guess I'm slightly over the median age. We have at least one regulars who is in their 60s.

Visiting other Aikido dojos, I tend to feel like I'm among the senior group, but not outstanding in any way.

Contrast this with the BJJ gym where I train on weekdays: I'm the oldest on the mat, there's a couple other guys (including instructor) in their 40s, remainder are teens through mid 30s. Most in their 20s.

My opinion: it stands to reason that Aikidoka are an older group. For a beginner, there's less immediate gratification and it doesn't have as much street cred (or octagon cred...) as most of the other options. But it provides a deep satisfaction that keeps us long-term folks coming back.
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