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Re: The Restoration of Peace

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
Interesting ... interesting. Who decides what peace is? Can peace simply be the absence of conflict? ... because it's conflict that is the heart of the cosmos -> mutually opposing activities manifested in infinite ways. Is there then good conflict and bad conflict? Who would be wise enough to know which is which?

Peace, I don't know ... love might be a better word.
Hi Jim.
I would say a few things here. First that peace is real and you can experience it, you can experience the feeling of being at peace. It is a matter of soul, hence you may think of any peaceful souls you may have met.

Love is a matter of the heart so we have soul and heart. So to differentiate here we thus can have the feeling of being at peace (soul) and the feeling of being at one with (heart, love)

Thus the heart of the cosmos is not and cannot be conflict. I will add to that the heart of the cosmos is not the center for the center is goodness.

When you mention mutually opposing activities we are venturing into the field of yin and yang. The truth of yin and yang is not actually opposition. There is no against in yin and yang. The wording used in it's description is usually complimentary opposites. Thus not energy or forces which oppose but energies which unify and work together and bring back balance. Take love and peace, heart and soul, as two such for all good energies work together and are complimentary.

So conflict in this sense is brought about by not taking responsibility for such and is a result of such.

Thus you don't remove conflict you put back, take responsibility for goodness, love, kindness etc. and bring back harmony and is this way only does conflict dissolve and disappear.

Returning to peace and harmonious alignment.

This I consider the way.

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