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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

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Aikido settling for the shape and not digging deeper may be the apparency, ....
Aiki' existed for centuries before O'Senseis' Aikido and thus the purpose of practice was changed even though done through the same techniques....
The ip I read about to me is not much different to the old Aiki as in aikijujutsu or indeed in all past samurai training......
Thus modern Aikido will end up no different to prior O'Sensei and may as well be called a version of Aikijutsu for the great samurai of the past.....
, the great martial artists of the past from various martial arts be they in china or wherever all learned of these principles of internal power so it's all well and good but it's nothing new......
But all said and done unless a person understands the change O'Sensei made as to purpose then they will never learn his Aikido and therefore the practice of the exercises he gave will not be understood properly and the why will not be seen.
Regards. G.
Mr. Christian
In order to make the statements contained in your post, a) you are claiming an understanding of the aiki of the past, b) an understanding of the aii of the founder and c) understanding of the differences.
You then went on to offer this video which you stated was a reflection of what you do.
It's the nearest I have found to my way of teaching and he deals directly with the principles and explains as he goes.
His whole 'channel' is well worth watching for those who want a better explanation in English.
I would only suggest that you have painted yourself into a corner.
The teacher in that video, in an attempt to explain how to get off the wall to his frustrated student, failed to offer very simple.....VERY simple and clear explanations for what he himself was doing..

And what he did do...wait for it.....was know...the old stuff the samurai did. Where did you see Aiki or IP or KI expressed in the movements? Just mention it... like at 1:25 or something like that...maybe I missed it.
I am very confused as to what your talking points are and I suspect others are as well.
Just say'n
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