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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Maybe these "outsiders" can provide an informed perspective that people inside the art can't have, being too "enmired" in the milieu. Keep in mind that these "outsiders" were once "inside" -- trained in aikido. Maybe as former-insiders, and now having found something that once was part of and crucial to aikido, they have a perspective that aikidoka do not.
Perhaps, but I've not seen anything they've said so far that is not still a part of aikido (admittedly not all of it perhaps, but its still here, hence the other thread I started). Having an outside perspective can be helpful but there seem to me to be plenty of insiders with a similar perspective. Given that I've not heard Dan or Mike say anything much more than what I already knew to be true and given that I am an aikidoka (i.e. an insider) I find myself once again wondering why they are here standing on the edge pissing in my pool. Just seems plain rude to me, even if they have good aim.


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