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Re: Sumi Otoshi

No, they should be taking your balance first, and your feet going over (if they really throw you) will not be really your choice. Look at some of the clips that come up in a google video search. You'll notice that many leave the thrower open to that hook you mention.

Then look at the examples of

Donovan Waite for the far distance version of the throw,

the shodokan (tomiki) ones for a different variation against resistance (rarely will you see the feet go flying up),

then look at some of the judo ones for close distance versions of the throw.

With Donovan Waite (aikikai) notice how he ALWAYS opens uke up PRIOR to entering for the throw to negate the hook response. Far distance on that throw is always risky...because of the hook. The real reason for uke to turn in is to keep attacking, either by grabbing, hooking, what ever.

If you want uke's feet to fly, you have to take the balance first, then either kneel on the throw, or enter fast, hard, and deep for the throw. There is a judo clip out there (close distance) where shite gets the feet on uke pretty high, but there is a huge commitment of shite's weight on that one. Judoka will know the counter to it...


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