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Sumi Otoshi

At some point I began to sit back and wonder to myself... "perhaps I have gone far enough in learning the techniques of Aikido, no need to learn more". lol
[note: did not say not to practice and hone what has already been learned.]

First was Koshinage and now Sumi Otoshi.
Now from the looks of it, Sumi Otoshi looks easy - after all you see it on Youtube and in the dojo from the higher kyu ranks and it looks straight forward.

Some may argue if I can do Koshinage now, I can do Sumi Otoshi without a hitch. [though grabbing the guys gi and trying to drag him down to the floor with me, as one fellow aikiweb member pointed out, helped out a lot in that technique.]

With this new technique Im hitting my shoulder, landing awkward on my foot, and Ill be honest, had some less than pleasant experiences with the lower extremities upon landing. [something I avoided in Koshinage somehow, now Im landing awkward.]

From one perspective I question the validity of needing to know such ukemi except for show. I mean if someone who didnt know better looked at the move they would swear that the guy is grabbing one arm and throwing you over. [when far from true, Im just standing there or shoved to the ground if I dont start the acrobatics... there is much effort on the ukes part, and in truth I feel more comfortable with my two feet toward the ground.]

Now I dont want to start a debate over its effectiveness, the point is this is a technique that just doesnt feel home to me, so its easier to notice the apparent lack of validity in such a move.
[i.e. my other hand coming around to hook the guys face, etc.] lol

In truth, I would like to, safely, learn how to do this. I thought I found a way, I tried to do a normal mae ukemi type move, which seemed to work, but the guy i was training with said I needed to have my feet up more in the air.

Of course this being a Hungarian/English conversation its hard to get the exact point of the whats and whys of this... and Im sure given enough time I can do this. [Its for my next test, which is a good time off yet as I only tested last month, none-the-less, its staring me in the face each time I look at the paper.]

Any tips, are welcome, the videos on youtube dont really add anything extra as far as guidance as to what I may be doing wrong.

Who knows, maybe I have reached my zenith in leaning Aikido techniques and need to wait till I can train in a language I fully understand as to get the subtleties that I am missing in regards to how to do the techniques, etc.

That is about it, though, isnt it, as far as flying techniques in Aikido? [Koshinage, Sumi Otoshi, - and kotegaeshi for those up to it?]



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