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Re: Tokimune Takeda - Aiki Kuden and Hiden

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Looks like copy-paste from M.Ueshiba teaching.
Interesting possibility...

It's one of those things where some corroborating data can help rule it out. But you may be right, we can never be sure. One thing -- didn't the Sagawa dojo have similar stuff posted earlier? If so, maybe Takeda had some core message like this, which the different branches picked up from him.

I was thinking about Takeda-- he saw people do bad things-- from a lot of different angles (per Amdur's HIPS). If his known acts of public violence were indeed during events of unprovoked attack by others against him, maybe he really did develop a vision for a better world. He spent so much time teaching police-- maybe because he saw them as what they ideally are, a way to have society protected from those who make the world bad.

The fact that he had a temper means nothing to me in terms of his vision. In fact both his temper and his proposed vision for a better world may have been fostered by the same experiences of witnessing bad things.

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