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Re: It Had to Be Felt #32: Seishiro Endo: Practice Basics - Be as Free as Nature

In 1992 I was a nidan, and in Japan briefly (performing as a musician) and decided on my one day off to go to Hombu while the rest of the guys went shopping.

I went when I had time and, having no idea who Endo sensei was, took his class. He seemed to like me and used me for ukemi several times (which seemed to annoy some of the regulars...mostly Europeans). At one point I was standing holding his wrist during a katatori attack, not when demonstrating in front of the class, and I decided to really try not only resist him, but keep my balance, center and not respond with my body. it was very interesting! I tried not to, but somehow felt like I was falling into a void and ...there I was leaning forward off balance.

very interesting!
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