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Keith Larman
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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

A couple observations... If we grant that Tohei was on to something there are any number of groups who chart their lineage directly from Tohei. Ki Society is the self-evident example of course.

Over the years Ki Society starting doing a lot of different things (the taigi for example) and some groups split away. But not everyone who split from Ki Society (for any number of reasons) dropped the ki tests, training, etc. Some split away with an express intent of focusing *more* on those things.

I just wish people wouldn't paint with such a broad brush, sometimes. In *general* I would agree with it, however, I'd also caution that there are always outliers. There are lots of groups out there with varied degrees of focus on different things. So I would hesitate to generalize too much. Or maybe better, I'd try to stay away from absolutes.

That said... I do get what he's saying and agree.

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