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Re: New Steven Segal TV Series - Lawman

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Personally, I'd like to see Segal Sensei paired with Dog Bounty Hunter as a "Reality" TV Show... from a marketing standpoint that would bring in just the right kind of student...
It should be really interesting to see this show. You can see that he's acting to some substantial degree for this, but he's supposed to really be a deputy. So we'll see how he would really treat a suspect--at least with he cameras on. Any little thing he did wrong could lead to lawsuits against the Parish and insurance problems too, so it seems he'll likely be a very different kind of cop than what he portrays on the screen.

Of course that one moment when he stares into the camera with that classic movie poster pose and face makes you wonder.

You should be able to provide a lot of insight into his police procedures, I would think.

So I'll be interested in seeing how he does things. Maybe it will be good for aikido, but I don't really expect that he would be getting into too much serious stuff for the above reasons.

I wish him good luck with the series and staying safe on the streets.

And the same to all.


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