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Re: "Aikido student" in Japanese and more...

Well, Chris I don't know if an Aikidoka strictly means it becomes a career although it is seen as so.

In my view, people who practice Aikido in daily life could be called an Aikidoka. Aikido as in the principle, not as a technical martial art. Maybe I'm being to idealistic about this. Anyway, that's me.

Prof. Goldsbury, I also have a question. Since it stil relates to the thread. What woul the proper Japanese for saying an Aikido school? Again, Aikido-gaku doesn't sound quite right. I was thinking of kenkyukai, I believe this vaguely refers to study group. Or is there a better term?

I know the term dojo actually makes it understood that it is a place to learn the way. But sometimes dojo here is just taken as a place that you train. The dojo will still have a name, but this is more for our society, we want to give it the nuance of learning instead of training.

I hope I'm not too confusing with my request.

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