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Mat Hill
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Re: Practical use of ukemi

Fell A over T on some ice in the street once, on quite a slope going down, legs horizontal, at about chest height, spectacular! Automatically did ushiro ukemi into standing. Hardcore-looking street gang looking-on actually cheered, whooped and clapped.

Rather more seriously, flew ten metres out and down from a broken rope swing when I was old enough to know better, onto a steep slope with brambles and broken glass... moments of bliss through flying, then landed relaxedly (definitely by luck than judgement) into backward breakfall then immediately into a forward roll and made it with both kegs intact but a slight nagging (still) knee injury.

Couple of years later, had to dodge a riot van in a riot outside Hyde Park... scrambled onto the fence (in those days higher than now), lost my balance and dived a full two metres into a perfect mae ukemi... proud of that one... avoidance in combat, through getting out of the wrong place at the wrong time: pure aiki?!
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